We use the best products on the market to fog and sanitise surfaces so you can maintain a safe home or workplace. All our fogging products are been proven to *kill COVID-19 and last up to *30 days on surfaces*. 

As well as being COVID-19 killers, our fogging products contain no alcohol and is safe around your family, pets and even plants.


  • Government buildings & facilities

  • Healthcare centres

  • Aged care facilities

  • Food processing factories and plants

  • Shopping precincts, centres and stores

  • School classrooms and playgrounds

  • Colleges, Universities and independent teaching services

  • Public Infrastructure (libraries, trains, buses, trams)

  • Entertainment precincts

  • Event halls, convention centres

  • Hotels and motels

  • Commercial offices

  • Retail locations

  • Restaurants, food courts, bars, cafes


* Hospital Grade Surface Protect - 30 days (low touch) & 24 hours (high touch)




Macwood is a family based business born in the west of Melbourne. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and competitive prices.

We have strong presence in the food industry, veterinarian industry and emergency services.

Our services stretch nation wide and we're here to answer you questions.


*Hospital Grade Surface Protect

• 30 days - low touch surfaces

• 24 hours - high touch surfaces

• Kills COVID-19 & Human Coronovirus

• ARTG: 338686

**Surface Sanitiser & Protectant

• up to 30 days continuous protection

***Hand Sanitiser & Protectant

• up to 24 hours continuous protection

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